Energy, Endurance, & Unwavering Persistence

December 03, 2021 HipNation Season 1 Episode 8
Energy, Endurance, & Unwavering Persistence
Show Notes

Award-winning special guest Francesca Amante talks about coming from loss and blossoming into a beautiful soul who is caring, successful, and extremely persistent. We dive deep into others' expectations of us and finding our true selves in order to succeed in life and business.


Francesca Amante is a luxury homes Real Estate agent in with Amante Real Estate, Royal LePage in Kelowna. 
Francesca is a public speaker, and has spoken at numerous events as well as a closing keynote speaker for TEDx speakers in the USA and Canada. 

Francesca recently is JCI Canada’s regional and national effective speaking champion, and recently won the top 2 spot at the Conference of America’s in Panama City as the world runner up speaker winner. 
Francesca is a current national Vice President for the JCI Canada board and won the most outstanding new member award internationally as well as made the top 3 spot in the world at our recent world Congress in South Africa. 
Francesca is in the process of writing a TEDx talk and was asked recently speak and facilitate at the North American Academy in St.Louis this coming February 2022 alongside USA TEDx speakers and international board members. 
Francesca also competed in figure skating with Skate Canada for 20+ years, and shares her experience of what her sport has taught her now as an entrepreneur to keep consistent and dedicated with unwavering persistence. 

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